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How to create custom connector to get the flow run history

Here are the steps to create the custom connector to get the specified flow run history in a specified environment.

Swagger file:

swagger: '2.0'
info: {title: Flow Run History, description: '', version: '1.0'}
basePath: /
schemes: [https]
consumes: []
produces: []
          description: default
          schema: {}
      summary: Get Flow Run History
      description: Get the run history of specified flow in specified environment
      operationId: GetFlowRunHistory
      x-ms-visibility: important
      - {name: environment_name, in: path, required: true, type: string, default: Default-82e5f1fb-9ffd-49c1-b0e1-1aae52374ff1,
        x-ms-visibility: important, description: Environment ID}
      - {name: flow_name, in: path, required: true, type: string, default: 39190573-dbe9-40a2-a99f-183bb2a3fd31,
        x-ms-visibility: important, description: Flow ID}
      - {name: api-version, in: query, required: true, type: string, default: '2016-11-01'}
definitions: {}
parameters: {}
responses: {}
    type: oauth2
    flow: accessCode
    scopes: {}
- oauth2_auth: []
tags: []

Please make sure you are Adding the Activity.Read.All and Flows.Read.All permissions.

You can test this custom connector by passing the environment id, flow id and api version (by default value is 2016-11-01). After testing you can come outside of this custom connector and navigate to Power Automate and add this connector as a action. You will be see the below image inside your Power Automate.

Thanks for reading.

If you are interested in this topic and would like to do some further self-study, I encourage you to check out my blog on this.

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